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500 Words for Writing in English

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Over this 5-week FLEX course, we will learn over 500 words in English. This class is aimed at beginner readers to broaden their vocabulary, improve recognition of words, develop phonics and handwriting too. Each week will include: 5 short videos with the teacher sharing the vocabulary and modelling pronunciation and use. 5 vocabulary sheets that display the vocabulary items. 5 activity sheets to practise the vocabulary in meaningful ways to reinforce learning. Here are the topics of vocabulary that will be covered each week: Module 1 - colours, parts of the body, verbs Module 2 - shapes, numbers, times, in the classroom, at school Module 3 - family and friends, clothes, describing people Module 4 - food and drink, days, months, daily routine Module 5 - the house, toys, playtime Here is more information about the course: It is intended that each learner watches and engages with a short video with the teacher through Q+A and pronunciation drilling containing around 15-20 words each day along with the relevant activities linked to those vocabulary items. It is estimated that learners spend 20-30 minutes each day on each set of vocabulary. Learners will: ✔️ Upload their completed tasks to the classroom each day ✔️ The teacher and other learners will comment on them. ✔️ Complete an interactive challenge each day such as a treasure hunt. ✔️ Games and quizzes too as a way of revising the content each week.

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