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Let's Learn English: Daily Journaling Series 1

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This is an English Writing flex class for students who love journaling, writing down their ideas and want to get daily writing practice and feedback. This class will not meet face-to-face. Each week will consist of 5 tasks to allow learners to complete a journal each day to improve their writing skills. Learners will work collaboratively to improve their writing skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of this flex class can be that learners can take as much time as they want to review materials and the recordings. With writing, I think this can be beneficial. English Writing Course Module 1 - Our Lives and Families Using the verbs - to be and to have Using numbers one to ten. Ways to express our likes and dislikes Writing about family and friends using be and have Module 2 - Getting Together and My Things Writing about months and seasons Using numbers ten to twenty in writing Using present continuous for plans to write a letter to a friend Using ‘would like’ to share where you'd like to go Module 3 - Food, Drink and Entertainment Practise handwriting and joined up writing for those learners that are ready Using adjectives to describe food, drink and entertainment Using past tense to write about things you ate and did yesterday Write about items you collect or would like to collect Practise forming questions and including them in your writing Module 4 - Looking Good and Looking After Ourselves Describe clothing and colours Use there is and there are to describe your room Using modal verbs and adverbs to write about sports Using verbs and nouns to describe habits Module 5 - City versus Countryside Use there is/are and there was/were Use commas in lists Describe methods of transport Module 6 - Holidays Use paragraphs Describe past, present and future Use a range of verbs in writing Each week will include vocabulary, grammar and input on ideas. Five tasks will be set each week along with five 5-7 minute long videos.

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