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Let's Learn English: Daily Journaling Series 2

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This is an English Writing flex class for students who love journaling, writing down their ideas and want to get daily writing practice and feedback. This class will not meet face-to-face. Each week will consist of 5x writing tasks to allow learners to improve their writing skills. Learners will work collaboratively to improve their writing skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of this flex class can be that learners can take as much time as they want to review materials and the recordings. With writing, I think this can be beneficial. The idea with the daily writing journal course, is to give learners the opportunity to be writing in English each day. A different scenario, question or task will be posed each day for learners to write about. Tasks will be open ended to allow for learners to complete it as they can. English Writing Journaling Course Module 1 - The Weather and Telling Stories Adverbs of manner Using speech marks in stories Module 2 - Animals and the Wild Describing animals and habitats Writing poems Module 3 - Learning, Learning, Learning Using different words Using sentence starters Module 4 - The Future and Technology Ways of talking about the future Describing gadgets and inventing new ones Module 5 - Moving and Traveling Describing what we see Using creative language to describe a treasure island Module 6 - Houses and Homes Using linking words Describing processes

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