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Book Club: Dog Man Reading

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This is an English Reading Flex Book Club for students who are developing their love of reading, writing, thinking and sharing their ideas. This class is aimed at beginner readers to broaden their vocabulary, improve recognition of words, develop phonics and handwriting too. Learners will develop their reading fluency, comprehension skills including knowledge of phonics, vocabulary, guessing meaning of words from context, sharing ideas and developing communication skills. Which books will be covered? 🔹 Module 1 - Dog Man 🔹 Module 2 - Dog Man Unleashed 🔹 Module 3 - A Tale of Two Kitties 🔹 Module 4 - Dog Man and Cat Kid Each week will include vocabulary, comprehension and input. Learners will be encouraged to share their ideas in a variety of ways in class. There will be interactive activities connected with each book each week.

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