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Book Club: Dragon Masters Fan Club

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This is an English Reading Book Club for students who are developing their love of reading, writing, thinking and sharing their ideas. This class is aimed at readers to broaden their vocabulary, improve recognition of words, develop phonics and handwriting too. Learners will develop their reading fluency, comprehension skills including knowledge of phonics, vocabulary, guessing meaning of words from context, sharing ideas and developing communication skills. This class will not meet face-to-face. Each week will consist of a variety of tasks. Learners will work collaboratively to improve their writing skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of this flex class can be that learners can take as much time as they want to review materials and the recordings. With reading and writing, I think this can be beneficial. Which books will be covered? 🔹 Module 1 - Rise of the Earth Dragon 🔹 Module 2 - Saving the Sun Dragon 🔹 Module 3 - Secret of the Water Dragon 🔹 Module 4 - Power of the Fire Dragon 🔹 Module 5 - Song of the Poison Dragon 🔹 Module 6 - Flight of the Moon Dragon 🔹 Module 7 - Search for the Lightning Dragon 🔹 Module 8 - Roar of the Thunder Dragon 🔹 Module 9 - Chill of the Ice Dragon 🔹 Module 10 - Waking the Rainbow Dragon 🔹 Module 11 - Shine of the Silver Dragon 🔹 Module 12 - Treasure of the Gold Dragon

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Single Payment
Summer School - Flex Only


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