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Book Club: Magic Treehouse Course

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In this FLEX book club, learners will read a Magic Treehouse book each week developing their comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and more! Discover the adventures of Jack and Annie! ESL friendly. Module 1 - Dinosaurs Before Dark Module 2 - The Knight at Dawn Module 3 - Mummies in the Morning Module 4 - Pirates Past Noon Module 5 - Night of the Ninjas Module 6 - Afternoon on the Amazon Module 7 - Sunset of the Sabertooth Module 8 - Midnight on the Moon Module 9 - Dolphins at Daybreak Module 10 - Ghost Town at Sundown Module 11 - Lions at Lunchtime Module 12 - Polar Bears Past Bedtime Learners can join the class at any point. This is an FLEX course so each class stands alone. We focus on a different theme from the books each week whilst developing comprehension skills, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. Learners can join the class no matter how much of the series they have read. Each week will include a range of teaching activities including reading out loud, videos, activity sheets, Q+A, slides and more. Learners will be encouraged to share their ideas in a variety of ways throughout each class.

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