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I Want To Be A Doctor - Medical English

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In this flex course, learners will learn new English vocabulary and phrases each week related to a certain medical theme. Suitable for all budding doctors and scientists! ESL friendly. Each week will include a mixture of vocabulary, grammar and speaking and listening tasks such as role-plays. Classes are delivered by a Medical Doctor, Experienced Teacher and ESL Expert. What will we learn? Module 1 - Giving advice Module 2 - Emergency Medicine - Technical and Non-technical Words Module 3 - Emergency Medicine - Description of an Emergency Situation Module 4 - Accidents - Fractures Module 5 - Accidents - X-Rays Module 6 - Sports Medicine - Verbs of Movement Each week will include vocabulary, comprehension and input. Learners will be encouraged to share their ideas in a variety of ways in class. There will be interactive activities connected with each book each week.

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