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Let's Learn English: Spelling Club

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In this FLEX spelling club, we will focus on a different rule of English spelling each week. During each class, learners will familiarise themselves with the rules, and then begin to put it into practice through activities, worksheets, and games. There will be a worksheet to accompany each class to help reinforce the spellings. What will we learn? Module 1 - Spelling Tricky Words 1 Module 2 - Spelling Tricky Words 2 Module 3 - Rhyming Words Module 4 - Spelling Tricky Words 3 Module 5 - Writing Questions and Using Wh Module 6 - Singular and Plural Words Module 7 - Spelling Patterns and the -y rule Module 8 - Spelling Patterns and Rules Module 9 - Understanding Spelling Rules Module 10 - Words ending with -cious and -tious Module 11 - How to Spell the 'shun' sound Module 12 - When is the 'sh' sound spelt 'ch' Module 13 - Geography Module 14 - Mathematics Module 15 - Design and Technology Module 16 - Music Module 17 - Physical Education Module 18 - History

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