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Charlotte's Web English Reading Club

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In this English Reading course, learners will focus on a different character from Charlotte's Web each week developing their comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing! Come on adventures with Wilbur, Charlotte, and Fern together. Learners will develop their reading fluency, and comprehension skills including knowledge of phonics, vocabulary, guessing the meaning of words from context, sharing ideas, and developing communication skills. This class will not meet face-to-face. Each week will consist of a variety of tasks. Learners will work collaboratively to improve their writing skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of this flex class can be that learners can take as much time as they want to review materials and the recordings. With reading and writing, I think this can be beneficial. Module 1 - Wilbur Module 2 - Charlotte Module 3 - Fern Module 4 - Mr. Zuckerman/Uncle Homer Module 5 - Templeton Module 6 - John Arable

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