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It's Comprehension Time! B1/B2

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In this English flex course, learners will read a fiction or non fiction text and complete various comprehension tasks to develop their understanding. Includes the 5W1H Method. ESL Friendly - Suitable for B1 and B2 Learners. Why learn words? Vocabulary is key to comprehension. Learners cannot understand what they are reading or hearing without knowing what most of the words mean. As children learn to read and engage in more advanced texts and conversations, they must learn the meaning of new words that are not part of their oral vocabulary. What will the classes entail? Each week comes with a teaching video and activity sheets to be completed during and after class. Learners are encouraged to post their completed work to the classroom. Classes are interactive and our teaching style is dynamic and engaging. What's your teaching style? We are a team of experienced teachers who are calm, patient and supportive whilst ensuring that the children are constantly learning. The environment will be dynamic and learners will actively participate throughout the class. As experienced teachers, we are capable of adapting my style to suit the learners. How much will learners get to interact with you and each other? Students will be active participants through a range of activities each week. What kind of class is this? This is a flex class. What will be covered in each class? Module 1 - How Do We Express Feelings? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 2 - How Do We Entertain Ourselves? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 3 - Is Technology Good or Bad? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 4 - What Can Space Exploration Teach Us? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 5 - What Can History Teach Us? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 6 - Where Does Food Come From? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 7 - Why Is Water Important? Fiction and Non-Fiction Module 8 - How Do Numbers Shape Our Lives? Fiction and Non-Fiction

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