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Let's Write: Articles, Letters, Reviews and Reports

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This is an English Writing class for students who are developing their writing skills, and are looking to develop their skills in specific writing genres. This class will not meet face-to-face. Each week will consist of a variety of tasks to allow learners to improve their writing skills. Learners will work collaboratively to improve their writing skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of this flex class can be that learners can take as much time as they want to review materials and the recordings. Module 1 - Articles Learners will practise writing to inform and explain. This week will incorporate project-based learning and the teacher will lead discussions via posts in the Outschool classroom. Module 2 - Letters Learners will practise writing formal and informal letters. The teacher will use the Outschool recording feature to give personalised feedback. We will conduct a class analysis of letters. Module 3 - Reviews Learners will practise writing to review and comment. This week students will evaluate each others’ work and there will be a performance assessment for learners to demonstrate their learning. Module 4 - Reports Learners will practise writing about facts and opinion. Learners will work collaboratively to write a report on their own topic.

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