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Code of Conduct

Orchard Academy is a vibrant community of learners aged 3-18, parents, and teachers, united by a shared passion for education. Our diverse, vibrant environment is designed to foster a love of learning. Here are the guidelines that help maintain our trusted community.

Teacher Code of Conduct

  • Teach classes professionally: Be prepared, timely, and respectful.

  • Communicate professionally with parents and learners.

  • Adhere to our class content policy and standards.

  • Keep all communications on our platform.


Parent Code of Conduct

  • Enrol learners using their own names.

  • Assist learners to attend scheduled classes.

  • Attend classes in a prepared manner.

  • Provide constructive feedback.

  • Engage in respectful conversations.

  • Ensure a safe space for everyone.

Learner Code of Conduct

  • Be kind.

  • Keep personal information private.

  • Treat others respectfully and dress appropriately.

  • Keep your camera on and engage in lessons fully.

Orchard Academy Commitment

  • Welcome all members.

  • Listen to and act on feedback.

  • Enforce policies to maintain a high-quality, safe community.

  • Respond promptly to issues and questions.

By following these guidelines, we ensure a safe, inclusive, and productive learning environment for everyone. Let's work together to create a positive educational experience at Orchard Academy.

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