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Let's Learn Geography: Around the World With Barnabas Bear

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Where in the world is Barnabas Bear? Come and join us on an adventure as we explore the adventures of Barnabas. In this Flex Class, learners will explore places around the world in a fun and interactive way. This course aims to provide meaningful learning experiences for young explorers. We will use pretend play and learners are encouraged to bring their toys along, make passports for themselves and their toys and collect the passport stamps from each class. What will each week involve? Each week, learners will: ✔️ Make a country profile including colouring the flag, finding out the temperature and time. ✔️ Identify the country on both an interactive and printable map and share in the classroom. ✔️ Find out about two Science, Geography or History topics related to the country. ✔️ Stick passport stamps in passports. ✔️ Take part in a quiz in the classroom. ✔️ Ask two questions about the country in the classroom. What is taught in this course? 1 - A Trip to Canada - Hudson Bay and Food Chains 2 - A Trip to Singapore - How Places Develop and City States 3 - A Trip to South Korea - Volcanoes and Korean Food 4 - A Trip to Thailand - Continents and Festivals 5 - A Trip to Croatia - How Sand Is Formed and Architecture 6 - A Trip to Morocco - Mountains and Moroccan Food 7 - A Trip to Mexico - Coastal Erosion and Chichen Itza 8 - A Trip to Egypt - The River Nile and The Pyramids of Giza 9 - A Trip to Japan - The Olympics and Population 10 - A Trip to Bolivia - Salt Flats and Wildlife 11 - A Trip to Iceland - Northern Lights and Glaciers 12 - A Trip to Spain - La Tomatina and All Things Money 13 - A Trip to Nigeria - Deltas and Exports 14 - A Trip to Italy - Volcanoes and Canals 15 - A Trip to Denmark - Hills and Skerries 16 - A Trip to Russia - Climates and Endangered Species 17 - A Trip to Switzerland 18 - A Trip to New Zealand 19 - A Trip to Portugal 20 - A Trip to Turkey

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