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Let's Get Thinking: Critical Thinking Outside The Box

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Critical thinking is a set of skills and habits of mind, including the ability to define a problem, identify assumptions, analyze ideas, and reason critically, and then systematically list different possible causes, create plausible solutions, or evaluate its correctness using logical reasoning. It also includes the ability to make creative connections between ideas from different disciplines. In this flex course, we will use our thinking hats to look at different scenarios in different ways. We will use a variety of teaching methods such as questioning to think outside the box. Each week has a different focus and aims to engage learners through a variety of activities such as puzzles, find something, activity sheets, interaction in the classroom, discussion and critical thinking challenges. Module 1 - Life of Chocolate Module 2 - Upside Down Module 3 - Zero Gravity Module 4 - No School Module 5 - Life Without Internet Module 6 - Types of Transport

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