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Let's Learn English: Daily Reading

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In this 6 week flex course, learners will read daily with the teacher and with Biff, Chip and Kipper. Each week includes vocabulary, pronunciation, phonics, spelling and much more! ESL friendly. Each week will include 5 videos lasting around 10-15 minutes. Each video will include directions on new vocabulary from the book of the day, spelling practice, phonics work, and activities to complete. It is intended that learners will spend 40 minutes-1 hour each day reading and completing the activities. Learners will be required to upload videos of them reading aloud to the classroom, as well as upload completed comprehension tasks, spelling tasks and vocabulary quizzes. Module 1 🔹The Haircut 🔹Floppy Did This! 🔹The Hedgehog 🔹The Library 🔹The Lost Teddy Module 2 🔹Push 🔹Good Old Mum 🔹Tiger’s Family 🔹Top Dog 🔹Where Is Baby? Module 3 🔹Big Feet 🔹Can you See Me? 🔹Is Dad in Here? 🔹Ducks 🔹Too Hot Module 4 🔹What a Mess 🔹Lemon 🔹Tools and Animals 🔹A Bump In The Bed 🔹Hit and Miss Module 5 🔹A Picnic at Sunset 🔹The Big Carrot 🔹Clothes for Rain 🔹Sock Goblins 🔹Hats Module 6 🔹Sam’s Backpack 🔹The Tin Can Man 🔹My Family 🔹Bam and Red 🔹At Sunset Module 7 🔹Jack 🔹Quiz 🔹Dad, Can you do this? 🔹The Toys’ Party 🔹Spots! Module 8 🔹Diggers 🔹A Dog’s Day 🔹Ant and the Baby 🔹The Ox and The Yak 🔹The King and His Wish Module 9 🔹The Snowman 🔹The Wobbly Tooth 🔹Tortoise Tortoise 🔹What is it? 🔹Family Poems Module 10 🔹It’s the Weather 🔹Paco’s Pet 🔹My Pet 🔹Exotic Plant Shop 🔹Things with wings Module 11 🔹Big Car Small Car 🔹Weather Poems 🔹Posh Shops 🔹Big Animal Vet 🔹Rabbit On The Run Module 12 🔹I Will Get You 🔹Dens and Nests 🔹A Present for Mum 🔹King and Queen 🔹A Den in the Wood Module 13 🔹Ron Rabbit’s Big Day 🔹By The Stream 🔹Home For The Night 🔹The Ice Rink 🔹The Sing Song Module 14 🔹What’s the Weather Like Today? 🔹Chicken Licken 🔹Patterns 🔹Super Dad 🔹The Birthday Cake

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