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Let's Learn English: Daily Speaking Course A1

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Over this course, we will practise and develop their speaking through a variety of daily tasks. This class is aimed at A1 learners of English to develop their fluency, broaden their use of vocabulary, improve pronunciation and confidence too. Each week will include: 5 short videos with the teacher sharing the vocabulary and modelling pronunciation and use. 5 sentence starter sheets that display the vocabulary items to try to use in their recording. Here are the topics of vocabulary that will be covered each week: Module 1 - Your Home, Your Family, Music Module 2 - Films and TV, Friends, Sport Module 3 - School and Eating Habits Module 4 - Your Country, Travel, Transport Module 5 - Technology, Films, Books Here is more information about the course: It is intended that each learner watches and engages with a short video with the teacher through Q+A and pronunciation drilling containing around 15-20 words each day along with the relevant activities linked to those vocabulary items. It is estimated that learners spend 20-30 minutes each day preparing their speaking and recording an audio clip or short video file to post to the classroom. Learners will: ✔️ Upload their completed recordings to the classroom each day ✔️ The teacher and other learners will comment on them. Some of the course is designed to build on previous learning to assist with retention. It is advisable for learners to revise previous days vocabulary to ensure they are retaining the new words.

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