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Let's Learn Science: Rocking Rocks

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Do you love learning about our world? In this Geography Flex Class, learners will learn about rocks in a fun and interactive way. This course aims to provide meaningful learning experiences for young explorers. Each week will include a range of activities that are designed to engage the learners in both a hands-on and minds-on way. Each week will include experiments, Q&A, quizzes, games, worksheets, videos and much more. Learners will be encouraged to observe, explore, question and share what they learn. A variety of methods are used to support learners and cater for different learning styles and needs. Rocking Rocks Module 1 - All Things Rocks - We will discover the rock cycle. Learn about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Identify different types of rocks and become rock detectives. Module 2 - Crystals - We will identify crystalline structures. We will learn how crystals are formed. We will learn about the wonder of geodes. We will make our own crystal structures. Module 3 - Minerals - We will learn about the importance of minerals. We will learn about where we can find them all around us. We will learn about some of the uses of minerals. Module 4 - Palaeontology - We will learn about the importance of fossils. We will learn how they are made and make a book about the process. We will learn about Mary Anning and the plesiosaurus. We will make our own fossils. Module 5 - Soil Types - We will learn about the importance of soil. We will learn about the different layers of soil. We will learn about why soil is important for plants. We will complete our own soil layer experiment. We will find out about creatures that live in the soil. Module 6 - All Things Worms - We will learn how compost is made. We will learn about the importance of worms. We will learn about the structure of worms.

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