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Let's Grow: Building Empathy and Social Skills

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In this flex course, learners will develop empathy and social skills to learn about how to build self and social awareness. Module 1 - Empathy & The Golden Rule - Active Listening Skills Module 2 - Recognizing Me - Self Awareness Skills Module 3 - Recognizing You - Building Relationships Module 4 - Healthy Boundaries - Communication Skills Module 5 - Life's Choices - Decision Making Skills Module 6 - Creating Safer Spaces - Inclusion Skills Module 7 - Responding to Challenges - Self-Management Skills Module 8 - Under Pressure - Coping with Stress Module 9 - Working Together - Collaboration Skills Module 10 - Asking Questions - Critical Thinking Skills Module 11 - Embracing Change - Adaptive Thinking Skills Module 12 - Being a Leader - Leadership Skills ach week, a variety of activities will be shared including the teaching video which will explain the theme of the week as well as guidance to the activities and tasks for learners to work complete. Some tasks will require learners to work independently, others will require learners to work collaboratively.

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