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Let's Learn STEM: How Things Work

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In this flex class, learners will explore a range of Science subjects in a fun and interactive way. This course aims to provide meaningful learning experiences for young explorers. Each week will include a range of teaching methods and activities that are designed to engage the learners in both a hands-on and minds-on way. Classes will include experiments, Q&A, quizzes, games, worksheets, videos and much more. Learners will be encouraged to observe, explore, question and share what they learn. A variety of methods are used to support learners and cater for different learning styles and needs. What is taught in this course? Module 1 - How is tomato sauce made? Module 2 - How does a piano work? Module 3 - How do beavers build dams? Module 4 - How does an escalator work? Module 5 - How does popcorn pop? Module 6 - How is yoghurt made? Module 7 - How is paper made? Module 8 - How does a 3D printer work? Module 9 - How does a toilet flush? Module 10 - How is bread made and sliced? Module 11 - How do geckos feet work? Module 12 - How do submarines work? Module 13 - How do digital cameras work? Module 14 - How do fitness trackers work? Module 15 - How do trebuchets work? Module 16 - How is bubblegum made? Module 17 - How do solar panels work? Module 18 - How do chopsticks work?

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