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Let's Study: Study Skills For The Future

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In this flex course, learners will develop the skills they need to take their next steps. Learners will explore resume and cover letter writing. Resumes Module 1 - My First Job Module 2 - Identifying Experience & Achievements Module 3 - Soft Skills vs Hard Skills Module 4 - Writing a Resume Cover Letters Module 5 - Resumes vs Cover Letters Module 6 - Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts Module 7 - Writing a Cover Letter Module 8 - Peer Editing & Revising Life After High School Module 9 - Paving Your Path Module 10 - Exploring Career Interests Module 11 - Set for Success Module 12 - Maintaining Balance Career Development Module 13 - Exploring Career Interests Module 14 - Importance of Budgeting & Saving Module 15 - Personal Financial Plan Module 16 - Leveling Up Each week, a variety of activities will be shared including the teaching video which will explain the theme of the week as well as guidance to the activities and tasks for learners to work complete. Some tasks will require learners to work independently, others will require learners to work collaboratively. This is a flex course, so these classes have a specific start and end date and lots of student-teacher and student-student interaction. The interaction is focused on asynchronous messaging using the Outschool classroom, games and activities, discussion and in-depth analysis, and occasionally video chats that are arranged on a custom basis. This course includes a range of: 🔹Pre-recorded lessons 🔹Announcements 🔹Assignments and deadlines 🔹Additional learning materials

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