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Word Families

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This class is learning a different word family each week, blending them with single letters to make words, and doing a hands-on activity/craft to reinforce learning. Does your child show an interest in reading? Do they know all, or a lot of their letter sounds? If so, you have found the next step in learning to read; CVC word families! I have such a passion for teaching young learners how to read, and also getting them very excited to do so! If a child has fun learning to read, they are more likely to enjoy reading itself! In this class, we learn a new word family each week through fun and interactive activities! I will use many different approaches to my teaching, which include reading short stories, sounding out the letters and blending them together to make words, writing the letters to be blended, using manipulatives, and so much more! Module 1: AT Family Module 2: AN Family Module 3: AD Family Module 4: AM Family Module 5: AP Family Module 6: AG Family

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