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4000 Words for Writing in English

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In this flex course, learners will learn 4000 words to help with their writing. Classes will include a range of skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing. ESL Friendly - Suitable for B1 and B2 Learners. Why learn words? Vocabulary is key to comprehension. Learners cannot understand what they are reading or hearing without knowing what most of the words mean. As children learn to read and engage in more advanced texts and conversations, they must learn the meaning of new words that are not part of their oral vocabulary. What will the classes entail? Each week comes with a teaching video and activity sheets to be completed during and after class. Learners are encouraged to post their completed work to the classroom. Classes are interactive and our teaching style is dynamic and engaging. What will be covered in each class? Module 1 - The Lion and the Rabbit Module 2 - The Laboratory Module 3 - The Report Module 4 - The Dog's Bell Module 5 - The Jackal and the Sun Child Module 6 - The Friendly Ghost Module 7 - The Best Prince Module 8 - How The Sun and the Moon were Made Module 9 - The Starfish Module 10 - The First Peacock Module 11 - Princess Rose and the Creature Module 12 - The Crazy Artist Module 13 - The Farmer and the Cats Module 14 - A Magical Book Module 15 - The Big Race Module 16 - Adams County's Gold

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