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Cambridge Flyers Live 1:1 Class

Live Exam Preparation Class

  • 30 min
  • 25 British pounds

Class Description

Includes a weekly lesson, handouts, and exam tasks. Weekly Lessons: 🔹Hello again 🔹Wearing and carrying 🔹Spots and stripes 🔹My friends and my pets 🔹About animals 🔹My things 🔹Moving and speaking 🔹School subjects 🔹In my classroom 🔹Clothes, animals and school 🔹Visiting different places 🔹A journey into space 🔹 What horrible weather! 🔹Are you hungry? Thirsty? 🔹What's for dinner? 🔹Let's have a picnic! 🔹A day's work 🔹Time and Work 🔹Answering My Questions 🔹Calling and Sending 🔹Times of the Year 🔹Important Numbers 🔹World, Weather, Work 🔹Leaving and Arriving 🔹What Shall We Do Next? 🔹Going on Holiday 🔹It's The Holidays 🔹Winning 🔹Doing Sport and Having Fun 🔹Summer and Winter Sports 🔹Here and There 🔹Where? 🔹At The Hospital 🔹Oliver Goes To Hospital 🔹What's It Made Of? 🔹Silver, Glass, Plastic and Gold 🔹Exciting Days! 🔹Famous People 🔹Where I Live 🔹What a Strange Planet 🔹Meeting the Pirate Actors 🔹Holiday News 🔹Have you ever...? 🔹What has just happened? 🔹Talking about the time 🔹We're all at home today 🔹I will or perhaps I won't 🔹Doing Different Things 🔹Busy Families 🔹On TV 🔹Here's My News 🔹What a lot of questions! 🔹Finding your way 🔹Let's have some fun 🔹If I feel bored 🔹Fun and games

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