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Cambridge Movers Live 1:1 Class

Live Exam Preparation Class

  • 30 min
  • 25 British pounds

Class Description

Includes a weekly lesson, handouts, and exam tasks. Weekly Lessons: 🔹Watch us! We're moving! 🔹Animals, animals ... 🔹Fun at the farm 🔹Your hair looks great! 🔹The woman in the red dress 🔹My neck, my shoulders 🔹What's the weather like? 🔹The hottest and coldest places 🔹Me and my family 🔹People in our street 🔹Things we eat and drink 🔹Party things 🔹Different homes 🔹Our homes 🔹At our school 🔹Let's do some sport! 🔹Our hobbies 🔹At the hospital 🔹What is the matter? 🔹Where? 🔹Here and there in town 🔹 A trip to the city 🔹The world around us 🔹Travelling, texting, phoning 🔹Which one is different? 🔹Guess who lives here? 🔹Seeing differences 🔹Our busy holidays 🔹About us 🔹About me 🔹Why is Sally crying? 🔹Mary goes shopping 🔹Last weekend, last week 🔹What did you do then? 🔹What a morning! 🔹Could you do it? 🔹Mr Must changes his job 🔹Playing and working 🔹We've got lots of things to do 🔹People who help us 🔹I had a great birthday! 🔹An exciting week for Alex! 🔹My holidays 🔹Along the beach 🔹Treasure! 🔹A day on the island 🔹The different things we do 🔹We want to do this one day 🔹Ask me another question 🔹Well done!

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