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Cambridge Starters Group (7-11 years)

Live Small Group Exam Preparation Class

  • 35 min
  • 12 British pounds

Class Description

Includes a weekly lesson, handouts, and exam tasks. Weekly Lessons: 🔹Greetings and Introductions (Say hello!) 🔹Numbers (Numbers, numbers, numbers) 🔹What's Your Name? 🔹Red, Blue and Yellow 🔹Answering questions 🔹Parts of the Body (Animals and aliens) 🔹Look Listen Smile Draw 🔹In the Wardrobe (In my clothes cupboard) 🔹Silly Monsters (Funny monsters) 🔹Our families 🔹Whose is it? 🔹Who’s got the red balloon? 🔹Who can do this? 🔹Big, small, happy or sad? 🔹One, two, three animals 🔹What's your favourite fruit? 🔹What's on the menu? 🔹A colourful house 🔹What's in your bedroom? 🔹Ben and Kim live here! 🔹 Play with us! 🔹In our bags and in our school 🔹At our school 🔹What's the class doing? 🔹Animal challenge 🔹How many pets? 🔹Food I really Like! 🔹My favourite food day 🔹We're in the toy shop today 🔹Monsters in the park 🔹Coming and going 🔹Happy birthday! 🔹On the beach 🔹Let's go to the park 🔹What, who and where? 🔹Great games, great hobbies! 🔹Let's play 🔹My favourites 🔹One foot, two feet 🔹Night and day 🔹Trains, boats and planes 🔹About a phone 🔹What are they saying? 🔹About us 🔹Happy ending!

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