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Let's Learn Science (11-14 years)

  • Duration Varies
  • 12 British pounds

Class Description

Do you love Science? In this Ongoing Class, learners will explore a range of Science subjects in a fun and interactive way. This course aims to provide meaningful learning experiences for young explorers. Each class will include a range of teaching methods and activities that are designed to engage the learners in both a hands-on and minds-on way. Classes will include experiments, Q&A, quizzes, games, worksheets, videos and much more. Some classes will include breakout rooms. Learners will be encouraged to observe, explore, question and share what they learn. A variety of methods are used to support learners and cater for different learning styles and needs. Please note, this class will contain similar materials to the class for learners aged 5-7, but there will be further questioning, exploration, explanation and a greater depth of understanding. Please also note, there will be reading and writing tasks in some classes. This course is mapped to the National Curriculum in the UK and is planned for Key Stage 2 which is ages 7-11. Please do check the whole description when choosing this course for your learner. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. What is taught in this course? Electricity Week beginning 27/5/24 - Power Generation Week beginning 3/6/24 - Batteries Week beginning 10/6/24 - Conductivity Week beginning 17/6/24 - Electrical Safety Week beginning 24/6/24 - Electrical Circuits Week beginning 1/7/24 - Life Without Electricity The Environment Week beginning 8/7/24 - Rubbish and Recycling Week beginning 15/7/24 - Plastic and the Oceans Week beginning 22/7/24 - Endangered Species Week beginning 29/7/24 - Fossil Fuels Week beginning 5/8/24 - Overpopulation Week beginning 12/8/24 - Climate Change Amazing Animals Week beginning 19/8/24 - Life Cycles Week beginning 26/8/24 - Hibernation and Migration Week beginning 2/9/24 - Habitats and How Animals Adapt Week beginning 9/9/24 - Classification Week beginning 16/9/24 - Animal Cells Week beginning 23/9/24 - Food Webs Passionate About Plants Week beginning 30/9/24 - Flowers and Pollination Week beginning 7/10/24 - The Importance of Plants Week beginning 14/10/24 - Grouping Plants Week beginning 21/10/24 - The Impact of Deforestation Week beginning 28/10/24 - Adaptation of Plants Week beginning 4/11/24 - Plant Cells The Human Body Week of 11/11/2024 - Parts of the Body and The Nervous System Week of 18/11/2024 - What Humans Need to Stay Healthy Week of 25/11/2024 - The

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