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Zookeepers at Orchard Zoo (3-5 years)

  • 35 min
  • 12 British pounds

Class Description

In this fun, interactive Science Club, we will learn about a different amazing animal each week. Each class will focus on a different animal and we will find out some fun facts about it, including where it lives and what it eats. Learners will be zookeepers and get to know the animal of the week at Orchard Zoo. Learners will discover its habitat, what it eats and how to care for it. ESL friendly. Classes will include a range of activities including quizzes, worksheets, Q&A, presentations, and videos! Learners will develop their own Animal Factfile each week on the animal they learn about. Week of 3/6/2024 - Great Horned Owl Week of 10/6/2024 - Walrus Week of 17/6/2024 - Giraffes Week of 24/6/2024 - Secretary Bird Week of 1/7/2024 - Komodo Dragon Week of 8/7/2024 - Parrots Week of 15/7/2024 - Raccoon Week of 22/7/2024 - African Elephant Week of 29/7/2024 - Tree Lobster Week of 5/8/2024 - Whooping Crane Week of 12/8/2024 - Chameleon Week of 19/8/2024 - Blue Whale Week of 26/8/2024 - Giant Octopus Week of 2/9/2024 - Black Rhino Week of 9/9/2024 - Arctic Fox Week of 16/9/2024 - Red Eyed Tree Frog Week of 23/9/2024 - Amazon River Dolphin Week of 7/10/2024 - Manta Ray Week of 14/10/2024 - Pangolin Week of 21/10/2024 - Koala Week of 28/10/2024 - Geckos Week of 4/11/2024 - Tree Kangaroo Week of 11/11/2024 - Jellyfish Week of 18/11/2024 - American Beaver Week of 25/11/2024 - Gorilla Week of 2/12/2024 - Black Caiman Week of 9/12/2024 - Gentoo Penguin Week of 16/12/2024 - Axolotl Week of 23/12/2024 - Red-Bellied Piranha Week of 30/12/2024 - King Cobra The class will be interactive and supportive to cater to learners of different learning styles. I am an experienced teacher who is calm, patient and supportive whilst ensuring that the children are constantly learning. The environment will be dynamic and learners will actively participate throughout the class. As an experienced teacher, I am capable of adapting my style to suit the learners. Please do message me with any additional needs the students may have such as difficulties with Communication and interaction; Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN); difficulties with Cognition and learning; Social, emotional and mental health difficulties; Sensory and/or physical needs. Please also note, there will be reading and writing tasks in some classes. Learners will be able to complete them to whatever ability they are at. We look forward to

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